Westercon will accept entries on a first come fist serve basses and all entries must be of science fiction, fantasy or of fannish interest.  Artist or artists’ agents may enter artwork in the Art Show. Agents will be asked to provide written authorization from the artist(s) they represent.

Artists are required to have an attending or supporting membership to participate, please choose which membership you would like when you request space.

Fees: The convention will take 10% commission on all sales. Panels (4’x4’) and tables (2 1/2’ x 3’) are $15 each.  You may have a maximum of four panels and two table spaces.  Print shop fee is $15.00.

Artists are required to have an attending or supporting membership to participate, please choose which membership you would like when you request space.

Entries must be matted, framed or otherwise ready for display. Artwork in any medium will be accepted. If your work requires special handling (electricity, special lighting, etc.), please notify us in advance.

Westercon uses an online art show system. Artists are encouraged to enter their art information in advance and print out and bring their bid tags with them to the show. There will be limited computers and time available during check-in so your set up will be much quicker if you prepare in advance.

Art Show Registration https://westercon.civetsolutions.com/kiosk/as_app/

Enter Art https://westercon.civetsolutions.com/kiosk/as_pay/

Pieces can be submitted as Bid, Bid and Direct Sale, Direct Sale only, or NFS (Not For Sale.) Westercon will not be having a voice auction, pieces will go to the member with the highest bid at the end of bidding as of close of show on Saturday. No additional bids will be accepted on Sunday, however members may purchase any eligible direct sale items.

Print Shop is available to all artists who have reserved panel or table space. Each artist is limited to 40 pieces with a maximum of 10 of each item. Each copy must have a Print Shop tag.

We are not accepting mail in art however you may have a local agent take care of hanging and picking up your art. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

You may pick up your unsold pieces after the close of the show during the artist check out times. And Checks will be mailed to artists within 30 days of close of convention.

Award Categories

Judges Choice

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Artist Guest of Homer Choice Best in Show

People’s Choice

  • Best Science Fiction
  • Best Humor
  • Best Fantasy
  • Best 3D/Best Jewelry

The Art Show management reserves the right to refuse or remove artwork for administrative reasons. As a general rule regarding content, we will allow what is considered “tasteful nudes” (light R). NC-17 (such as genitalia or extreme violence) is not allowed. If you are in doubt about any piece contact the Art Show director. Their judgment is final on all matters

U.S. Copyright and Trademark laws must be complied with. Copyright characters (other than your own) may be displayed but must be marked NFS (Not For Sale) unless proof of copyright holder’s permission is provided. As a general guideline Artists should use the 29% alteration rule of the original source material.

Westercon assumes no responsibility for “no show,” lost, or unfulfilled bids placed on art. Artists who wish to follow through with the bid can ask the convention for contact information.

Westercon does not provide insurance coverage for art entered in the show. Artists should ensure that their own insurance will cover art while it is at the show.

Tentative Art Show Hours


Day Open Close Function
Thursday 10 AM 3 PM Art show setup
Thursday 3 PM 7 PM Artist registration
Friday 9 AM 10 AM Artist registration
Friday 10 AM 6 PM Open to members
Saturday 10 AM 6 PM Open to members
Sunday 10 AM 3 PM Open to members
Sunday 3:30 PM 5 PM Artist check-out