Site selection for the Westercon 75 will happen at Westercon 73. Any site on the North American continent west of the 104th west meridian, or in the state of Hawaii, is eligible to bid for Westercon 75. The filing paperwork must be in the possession of the Westercon 73 site selection administrator by April 15, 2020.

A Westercon bid committee must provide written evidence of the following: At least two (2) separate people declaring themselves Chairman and Treasurer; an organizing instrument such as bylaws, articles of incorporation or association, or a partnership agreement; and a letter of intent or option from a hotel or other facility declaring specific dates on which the Westercon shall be held; and, for a sponsoring organization from within the United States of America, evidence that the sponsoring organization is a non-profit association or corporation within the applicable state law of the sponsoring organization. Such materials should be sent to Linda Deneroff, Site Selection Administrator, via email at via the USPS at 11300 1st Avenue NE, #313, Seattle, WA 98125.