Started at 2:27

Chair report – Exec meeting happened this morning.
PR 2 almost done and will be posted 1/15/2020. Please send any announcements to

Vice chair/Hotel – Shoulder dates continue to be an issue; the room nights were added to again last week. Make a reservation for what you CAN get and contact gene@ to extend your reservations.

Memberships – Staff was reminded to complete membership purchases along with directions on how to obtain the staff rate. There are still many outstanding supporting memberships that have not yet converted.

Programming – Gaming is at work getting some new things onboard. Masquerade, “nerf wars”, Regency dancing, film festival and other science programming is coming along. Kevin Roche’s IBMQ presentation will be a major draw.

Filk programming is also part of the above, as well as some non-Filk music. They will need to coordinate with A/V for available equipment via Dawn and Ian Shaw.

Treasury reported a balance of $11.2K. Art show and Dealer Room fees will also add to this amount.

Program Book people will become Publications once Sally talks to them. Jason will coordinate with them for style and font choices and with Walter for addition to the web page.

Convention Master training is being arranged; more soon.

Calendar of meetings was announced with locations and dates. This will go up on the website this week. All meetings are 2-6 pm. Emphasis was placed on the June meeting which will be at Concomcon. Meeting will probably be Saturday; more soon.

Art Show has stuff to get approved to get up on the website.

Mike Citrak had a layout and would like input from concom as to where their spaces are.

Sign Shop laid out budget reqs for sign completion.

Request for break and break outs to follow. Formal meeting adjourned at 2:55.